Episode 13- Traditional Healing

On this episode we break mystical truths about using herbs and how they are ultimately much healthier than the medicine we often buy over the counter. Join us as we unpack this conversation around traditional healing.

Episode 12- Seeking Healing

Episode 12 is a conversation around seeking healing. There are many forms of healing and this episode aims to help you in finding your healing so you can live an holistical intentional life. The hosts are joined by special guest, Yvette Ratshikhopha.

Episode 11- Breaking Your Limits

Today’s episode talks about how fear holds us back and how it cripples us into making decisions based off that. It aims to challenge perceptions of fear and how we can break away from that.o such acts.

Episode 10- Crimes of Passion

With the recent killings of young women in South Africa, men are inherently perceived as violent. But episode 10 tackles one of the major drives that can lead men to kill- SEX. The act is loosely understood but it contributes to Crimes of Passion. Watch the episode for a full understanding of how it can contribute to such acts.

Episode 9- Black Lives Matter

With the recent death of George Floyd, the world came to a stand still in uniting the lives of black people. This episode of #TheNewNormal speaks about the lives of black people and the injustices they face featuring an exclusive with Honorable Tokyo Sexwale. But more importantly, the episode aims to awake the minds of people of color to stand up and fight for their own. #BlackLivesMatter

Episode 8- A call to wake up

Episode 8 embodies a dialogue between host, Tbo Touch and Bishop Maponga and Bishop Noel Jones. This episode covers a topic that aims to awaken Africans to understand the power of generational thinking.

Episode 7 – Issues of Freedom

This episode is stacked with issues that affect our freedom as black people. From oppression to democracy, Tbo Touch and his guests, Bishop Maponga and Bishop Jones unpack the issues faced then and now. Episode 7 aims to awaken the African child’s perspective on Freedom.

Episode 6 – The identity of the African Child

Episode 6 speaks to an African person’s identity and how it has been stripped away from them. From the cuases to the solutions, The New Normal aims to awaken the african child to rediscover themselves from the effects of apartheid.

Episode 5 – Progressive thinking in an African way

On this episode, Tbo Touch speaks to Bishop Maponga and Bishop Noel Jones. The episode aims to help Africans to think progressively and beyond the walls of a church, so they can reach their own state of ownership. Expect a cut-throat conversation that challenges your way of thinking as an African.

Episode 4 – The African representation in the Bible 

From conversations of being under lockdown and keeping your faith up, Episode 4 comes with a topical shift to mind. Tbo Touch is joined by Bishop Joshua Maponga talking about the African representation in the Bible.