S1Ep3: The Diva still continues to slay all the way. She is joined by Fifi Cooper as they slay in Maboneng all day.

S1Ep2: Join the diva Sharayray as she continues to do what she is best known for, which is slay all day. On this episode, she is joined by Queen Skolopad.

S1Ep1: If you are wondering who Sharayray is, this episode introduces you to the queen of slaying. Ladies and gentleman, there is a new diva in town.

The Sharayray Show

Sharayray is known for trying to kill her famous ex – boyfriend Carpo. However that’s all in the past. She is here to slay and take notes so other slay Queens better watch out. Through her Parody Reality show following the Number One Slay Queen Diva Sharayray as she goes through life in her own colorful way. Meeting people from all walks of life while also slaying. Sharayray is giving you a sneak peek of her daily life as she chats to various individuals. Bringing you real life stories, laughter and the slay queen lifestyle. If you want to live on the colorful side of life then join Sharayray on her slaying spree.

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