Episode 8: Interview with Tsholo Mashishi

Tsholo Mashishi formerly know as Tsholofelo Matseke joins Sello Maake ka Ncube to Open Up about her formidable extensive career as a broadcaster. From her childhood as a KTV presenter to news anchoring for all illustrious news rooms. She also gave us insight about her marriage and family life.

Episode 7: Interview with Koleka Lwana

On this week’s episode of Open Up with Sello Maake ka-Ncube, the show is joined by Kholeka Lwana. She gets candid about her philanthropic work with woman and children, working within the ICT sector and her earlier years.


Episode 6: Interview with Nomvelo Makhanya

In celebrating the last day of women’s month, Nomvelo Makhanya opens up with Sello Maake Ka-Ncube. She speaks about her career, family, being a young adult, and being in the industry for 10 years.

Episode 5: Interview with Linah Ngcobo

She is Linah Ngcobo, a mother and a wife but what many people don’t know is that she treated her career and a record deal to push her now husband Ihhashi Elimhlophe in the music career! She is a woman personified, she and her husband are my relationship partners! There is a lot people don’t know about this Queen 👑! Ntate Sello has an intimate discussion with Mma Ngcobo on her journey .

Episode 4: Interview with Kamogelo Seleka

Kamogelo Seleka Opens up with Sello Maake Ka-Ncube. She speaks about what it means to be a woman in South Africa, her NPO, motherhood and her dreadful trauma in the hands of a police officer.

Episode 3: Interview with Ayanda Ncwane

Ayanda opens up to Ntate Sello about her journey as being S’fiso Ncwane widow, raising her two sons, overcoming the loss of her husband through the word of God and being an inspiration to other women.

Episode 2- Interview with Zikhona Sodlaka

Zikhona Opens up to Ntate Sello on motherhood, her acting career as well as the current challenges faced by most of South African actors

Episode 1 – Interview with Nhlanhla Lux

Launch Episode – Nhlanhla Lux opens up on his journey of being a young community activist and President of Soweto Parliament. As well as the struggle he had to overcome living in two opposing worlds growing up.

Open Up with Sello

Touch HD has joined forces with the legendary Sello Maake kaNcube. Ntate Sello will be the host of a podcast series called Open Up with Sello on the Touch HD platform, which will offer listeners a glimpse into the veteran actor’s most intimate thoughts. Although Ntate Sello has been in the television and film industry for 40 years, he has shied away from the spotlight. However, now that he has earned his stripes and will share his experiences through various topics such as manhood, womanhood, social cohesion, equality, absent fathers, divorce, illness, family values, social relationships and many more.

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