S1Ep7: This episode of bridging the gap touches on the sensitive topic of the church and money.  Apostle Thabiso is joined by Apostle I.N Sithole.

S1Ep6: Whats the place of gay and lesbians in the church? Apostle Thabiso and his guest, Dr. Khathide deliberate on the issue further.

S1Ep5: Prophet Ralekholela joines Apostle Thabiso as they discuss the mushrooming of churches without proper release. 

S1Ep4: This episode tackles the delicate subject of church regulation. Apostle Thabiso is joined by Dr. Pearl Khupe to deliberate on this.

S1Ep3: Apostle Thabiso is joined by Dr. Mandla Maphalala as they bridge the gap on passing on the batton and legacy.

S1Ep2: On this episode, Apostle Thabiso is joined by Dr Kenneth Meshoe, Leader of ACDP, as they talk about church and politics.

S1Ep1: Apostle Thabiso is Joined by Bishop Ben Ndobe as they delve deep into the topic of Spiritual sons and fathers.

Bridging The Gap

Spiritual Talk Show hosted by Apostle Thabiso Mogano which awaken the human spirit, connect us to the one Source and reveal the truth about our inner selves. This is a show that lift the veil of familiarity between you and the world, revealing the beauty and mystery in the universe while bridging the differences within the society. Apostle Thabiso Mogano chats to a collection of powerful men of God to unpack spiritual injustices within the church and the societies.

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